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For more than one hundred years, Hausbrandt has combined tradition and experience with knowledge and technological innovation to create a well-established, authentic “culture of good coffee”.
The perfect combinations of single origin beans and the different amounts of Arabica and Robusta varieties create perfect blends that offer full flavour, fragrant aroma and rounded body ‒ the essential elements for an exceptional coffee. The secret of the Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 blends undoubtedly lies in their composition. One example is the Gourmet Columbus blend, whose recipe holds the secret to an exquisite combination of bitter cocoa and liquorice root nuances. Its harmonious, full and sophisticated flavour results from careful selection of the finest quality Colombian Arabica.

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Every single cup of coffee contains years of work, study and research. It recounts a tale of skillful, dirt-stained hands, as well as sophisticated, next-generation machines. It manifests a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, past and future.
Hausbrandt puts all this, a world of precious traditions, attention to detail, research and quality, into those 7 grams of coffee needed to make a cup. This is why Hausbrandt coffee is not merely a beverage, but an experience to be savoured. The coffee’s thousands of facets reveal every single hidden corner of that world, which is unveiled through a voyage of discovery and rediscovery. A cup of coffee is a unique sensory experience in pursuit of these very sensations. A long voyage in a unique and precious moment.

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